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Why use an online school bookstore?
Why tie up staff time and funds to maintain your inventory of books? Would you prefer to have your staff focused on education or juggling books and publishers? Avoid getting stuck with books you can't return. Let Back to Books become your bookstore. We'll maintain the inventory for you. We'll carry enough inventory year round to ensure that every student gets the books they need. And, WE PAY YOU!
Imagine no waiting in line to buy books on the first day of school and an extensive selection of money-saving used books.  If you are currently renting books to students or charging a book fee, let us show you how your school's families actually save money by purchasing online through Back to Books
Students and parents can place their orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Ordering toll free by phone is also available. Back to Books makes books available to purchase early in the summer so students can make their purchases as soon as they have their list of classes. Books are shipped directly to your students' homes relieving your school from most book related issues.  You don't have to handle the books!

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