Why use Back to Books?

  • Back to Books is a family owned and operated company. Each function is supervised by a family member thus ensuring the high quality that you deserve.
  • Back to Books offers a program fully customized to your school's needs, something our largest competitors cannot do due to their size.
  • We create a unique web site for each school, ensuring that digital offerings, scholarships and other special programs are integrated seamlessly.
  • Students only see the books they need for their assigned classes, making ordering easy and accurate.
  • Back to Books will be your agent to obtain all teachers material, free of charge in most cases, thus freeing up even more of your staff's time.
  • Tell us about your school's needs - Back to Books will work with you to create the system that's right for you.
  • We handle all of our own customer service - Back to Books does not outsource this vital function.
  • Back to Books handles all order fulfillment on site in our own warehouse. We do not outsource this vital function, either.
  • Since Back to Books is family-owned and operated, we always have an owner onsite to supervise operations.
    By ordering from Back to Books, your students are assured of receiving the correct editions of the books you want them to have.  We provide one-stop shopping all year round - summer reading, too.
    Back to books promises to maximize the availability of used books, minimizing costs for your families while helping you extend the lives of the editions you currently use. Unlike most of our competitors, not only do we purchase used books back from your students at the end of each school year, we substantially add to the used book supply by purchasing from our extensive network of used book dealers.

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